Message for International Day for Universal Access to Information 2022

The International Day for Universal Access to Information is commemorated each year
on 28th September and is dedicated to establish every ordinary citizen’s core demand,
the right to know about any information.

The enjoyment of other human rights depends on the freedom to obtain information,
which is a crucial human right.

For a government to be transparent and accountable, the right to information is crucial.
The right to information makes it possible for the general public to participate in the
creation of social policies and in the processes of governing.

Since knowledgeable citizens are better able to hold their governments responsible for
their decisions and actions, informed citizens are also better able to make informed
decisions. Knowledge is power. Therefore, a fundamental component of vibrant and
inclusive knowledge societies is universal access to information.

This year’s UNESCO theme is “Artificial intelligence and e-Governance and access to
Information”. It is an important role to improve access to Information, by giving citizens
access to an accessible information, which could guarantee services that are more
efficient as a result making government services digital enhances, transparency and

So join us and let us celebrate this Day, which is the inauguration of our fundamental
right to acknowledge all the information.